Recent News

01/04/2018 - This website is under construction, to be completed later in January.

12/31/2017 - My broken toe is almost completely healed. I am ready to get back to the gym in January. .
July 2017 - Candi and I spent four fun filled days at TGDetroit We had a blast..
Aug 2016 - I went to my high school reunion. My First one as Bobbie Jo. Everyone was very nice to me. I enjoyed it.
Dec 2014 - I have volunteered to be a hotline volunteer on TransLifeLine - I attended training on Dec 10th and will soon start taking calls on the hotline.
July 2013 - I had a nice July 4th and am healing well from my broken kneecap.
May 2013 - I broke my kneecap (and I wasn't even wearing 7 inch heels.
March 2013 - I have a 10 year passport and an eight year drivers license in the correct female gender now. I still need to fix my birth certificate
October 2012 - I am doing well, continuing to heal, and my dilations are going just fine.
August 2012 - I had my gender reassignment surgery and I am recovering.
July 2012 - I have been cleared for surgery. My pre-surgery tests are complete and all good, my hiv test was negative, and the cardiologist approved me for surgery after checking me, and looking at my ekg.
May 2012 - I am almost done with electrolysis, thank goodness.
03/22/2012 - I am working from Ohio now. I will be in Milwaukee once in awhile as well. I am going to Florida for vacation, and to see my mom get married to her boyfriend on March 31st (my dad died in 2000 from cancer).
02/07/2012 - I have started packing for my move back to Ohio. I have arranged the date for my pre-surgery tests. Rob will be staying at a bed and breakfast in Montreal while I am in the hospital and the after-care facility. August is coming up fast, I need to finish paying the surgeon and arrange travel to Montreal.
11/22/11 - I have accepted a full time position working for Kohl's department store. My manager said he would work with me on the time off I needed for my surgery, and I will be able to telecommute from Ohio some as well
6/19/11 - I am working in Wisconsin for awhile at Kohl's. I hope this will enable me to get the rest of the money for my surgery.
1/15/11 - I now have my passport. I need to make my travel arrangements and finish getting my money together. So far, I have about 60% of the money I need for surgery.
12/3/10 - I now have a tentative date for my gender reassignment surgery. It is August 23rd, 2011. I have mailed off my deposit, medical history, and doctors letter on hormone therapy to Dr. Brassard in Montreal.

7/31/10 - I went to Swan lake in maine with my landlord and his wife. I had a very nice time. pics are posted on pics page 8.

7/1/10 - My therapist wrote me a letter allowing me to get an F on my passport.

5/15/10 - I was voted prom queen at the Girls Night Out Prom in Warren, OH. This was an incredible night.

05/01/10 - A highlight of my transition so far. I received both letters approving me for gender reassignment surgery. Now I just need to get my finances together.

03/10/10 - I am currently renting a room from a man that had never met a transsexual before. He has been asking me some questions, and he also wants to see some post op pics. He is a very nice gentleman.

02/18/10 - Quit my job at Nationwide Insurance. I start work at Liberty Mutual on the 23rd.

01/27/2010 - I had my first mammogram.

12/25/09 - I had a wonderful christmas, I enjoyed it very much.

11/24/09 - I had my first appointment with a therapist. Hopefully one day i can get my letter for SRS.

10/31/09 - I had a wonderful time at the halloween party I went to

10/30/09 - I started a new job in Columbus, Ohio with Nationwide insurance

7/08/09 - My good friend Michelle took me to the Executive Den and the dancers there let me get up on stage and dance to two songs, one while I was fully clothed, and one with me topless. I will always remember this, it absolutely made my day, my week, my month.

5/09/09 - Attended my very first prom as the woman I should have been all along.

5/07/09 - Celebrated the domestic partner registry tonight. Was at city hall during the day, then went to church service at night, followed by a trip to Bounce nightclub.

4/18/09 - Taking it one day at a time. I have some good friends that are going to take me out to Cocktails tonight. Does cocktails have a stripper pole?

4/17/09 - Yea, one more thing that now has my correct legal name on it.

4/10/09 - I've had my ex telling me she won't let me see my daughter anymore, and I lost my job too, all in the span of 5 days.

April 2009- Yea, I actually have breasts now. My breasts are actually starting to become noticeable.

I have been working to help support Cleveland's domestic partner registry by doing phone banks and canvassing.

MY first birthday as a tgirl was on 3/27/09.

March 2009 - Today I found an old pic of me before I started transitioning, and I asked my roommate, would you guess that was me at one point? He said no way.

March 2009 - My roommates got us high speed internet, so as soon as I clear out a few boxes, I am going to be making more videos and adding them to this site.

February 2009 - I have a page on Facebook, where I post daily (well, almost daily) comments.

I attended the GLBT "Meet and Greet" where I work and had a nice time. I met several nice people.

February 2009 - Well, the dry cleaners lost two of my pretty dresses, so obviously they have also lost a customer too. They did almost cover the cost of the dresses. When spring comes and it gets a touch warmer, I am very tempted to stand out in front of the dry cleaners, wearing nothing but panties, bra, high heels, and garter belt, with a big sign that says: "I was taken to the cleaners", or "They took me for everything I had", or "I took my beautiful dresses to the dry cleaners here and look what happened to me, don't let this happen to you".