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                                                     Blog - 2018

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 I hope everyone had a Happy New Year.
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 I am testing a new website builder.

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 As listed on the last day of the 2017 blog, I am currently working on a new design for my website. The company I currently use for website hosting changed their software and gave us no migration path whatsoever, you too.

Anyway, I have been testing new website editing software on an alternate website I have, and I think I am starting to get the hang of it. 

I have added a couple of pages here, but it will take some time the next few weeks for me to get everything on this new site, in addition to cleaning things up some. I had not really re-designed the site since 2009, so it was time.  

 Jan 5th.
In all of the website design excitement, I can not believe I forgot this. I actually got to suck some cock the other day.
I received a nice load of cum down my throat. Yummy.

 Jan 7th.
I talked to my friend Christy over the weekend. We haven't played together in quite some time. She is wanting to get together again, so hopefully we can make that happen in the next couple weeks.  

 Jan 10th.
Well, that was disappointing. I just got told today that due to budget issues, they may not be renewing our contracts. So, come Jan 25th I may be unemployed again. Time to start job hunting once more. I have put my resume out on a few job sites, so we will see what happens. If they get the contract issue here resolved, then who knows, but it pays to be vigilant in the meantime. .

 Jan 16th
Still waiting on word about job contract. In the meantime, I have been following up on a few leads.
In other news, I will be going back to the gym on Friday which will be the first time I have been there since breaking my toe last October.

 Jan 18th
I did my first workout at LA Fitness since breaking my toe in October. I have another workout scheduled with my handsome trainer tomorrow.

 Jan 26th.
Well that was an interesting few days. I had two gallstones that were causing me unimaginable pain saturday night. I was admitted into the hospital sunday morning, had surgery to remove the gallstones on Monday, and they removed my gallbladder Tuesday. Afterwards, I had 5 extra liters of fuid retention, so that caused me tp spend a couple more days in the hospital. I left the hospital today, back home now and am continuing to recover.

Feb 6th.
I am continuing to recover at home, almost back to my old self, not quite. I still have a couple weeks yet before I can go back to LA fitness training program. My girl Candi may be here Monday the 12th.

Feb 19th
I had my first workout at LA Fitness since being home from the hospital. It went well, and I am feeling good.

Feb 21st
I am planning to be at TGDeroit in July with my girl Candi.