I am a tgirl, I have progressed from cross-dressing in the summer of 2007 to becoming a woman. I am a male to female post-op trans-sexual.

More About Me
I am a bi-sexual t-girl. I am taking female hormones, Since the fall of 2007, I have a lady doing electrolysis on my face, as well as a plastic surgeon that is doing laser hair removal on me too. In the fall of 2009, I started doing laser hair removal on my private region in prep for SRS. In the summer of 2012, I had gender reassignment surgery.
I also love going to the beauty parlor.
I am out as a woman 24X7, everyone knows about me. I am out everywhere, including at work.
My natural hair is growing quite nicely, I stopped wearing a wig early in 2008. I had a few great ladies at the place where I worked at that were wonderful through my transformation, a special thank you to Linda.
I am drug and disease free and intend to stay that way. I am 5'8" in my stocking feet, I am over 6' in heels. I love wearing pantyhose, and also enjoy wearing high heels for an evening out. I am a non-smoker, and also do not really drink alcohol very much.

 I have been going to church lately at United Church of Christ, and they have taught me that there are religious people in this world who aren't hate filled bigots. I have a lot of respect for them, especially Pastor Kurt. I do still like george carlin's approach on religion, but I think that he as well would have liked the United Church of Christ because they are accepting of all people, and aren't a bunch of hate filled bigots as far too many churches are. Mary Lou Wallner has also helped me to see that religious people can be very loving and accepting of GLBT people, so there are good religious people that are making a positive difference out there. They have my utmost respect and admiration.

I currently have a dog named Snuggles and 2 cats, Rascal and Whiskers. Rascal is six months old. Whiskers is 2 and 1/2 years old, Snuggles is 8 years old. My previous kitty cat Oreo died in 2015.  If there is anything you want to know about me, just email me. Bi for now, Bobbie Jo

I love going out on dates, I also love going shopping, to the movies, dining out, holding hands, walks in the park, going to the beach, going to the mountains. I'm not the greatest dancer in the world, but I love slow dancing and having you hold me close in your arms. I love kissing and making out.
Sexually, I am bi-sexual and I am very submissive, I am also very adventuresome. I love having my little tgirl tushy spanked. I enjoy anal, (a condom is required)
I also love oral. I love eating pussy and I have been told that I am very good at it. I love it when a woman explodes in my mouth with her pussy juices, and if she has to pee afterwards, so much the better.
I absolutely love giving blowjobs. I have been told that I am the best cocksucking whore in the eastern United States. I love it when a man cums in my mouth, on my face, or on my tits, hey, you can even cum in my hair too. I love it when I am on my knees giving a blowjob and a man grabs ahold of the back of my head and starts fucking my face, it really turns me on. I also enjoy golden showers, so if you need to pee while I am sucking your cock, please go ahead and pee. I love to have my face peed on, my tits peed on, and I love it when a man just sprays pee all over me, shower me with your pee, all over me, in my mouth, face, tits, hair, etc..  I love to drink pee.  Bi for now. Your slut whore. Bobbie Jo .